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Online rental software. From appliance rental
to hotel booking: we got all the tools your need!

Booking engine and reservation system for online bookings
Manage your rentals the smart way

Adjust your pricing for any period of time, add specials and manage your resources from your desktop or mobile device. New available resources and next availability rates appear on your booking page automatically!

Reservations on Facebook Messenger
Get your rental services in front of more people with Facebook’s messenger bot. Now your customers can make a reservation anytime, from anywhere.
Your own personalised website
Create services and accept online rental booking. No coding skills needed, get your website up and running with a few clicks!
Weekly pricing scheduler
Set your pricing schedule for as long as you need, define or exclude special dates, and auto-repeat weekly pricing policies, anytime you want. You are in charge.
Booking confirmations, reminders and alerts
Send automatic booking confirmations, follow-ups, and all kinds of notifications and keep your customers up to date.
Auto assignment to the next available resource
Put your day-to-day tasks on autopilot; a clever algorithm can match new bookings with the next available resource without you moving a finger. 

We help you grow

Multiple points of business
Offer your services from as many business locations, delivery or return as you need.
Easy cancelations & booking modification
Give your customers the customer service they deserve by allowing stress-free cancellations and modifications of their bookings.
Inventory management
Trace and manage your inventory like a pro. Know what your stock or personnel is at all times and always deliver your services without interruptions.
Order history
Automatically store your customers’ details and order history online for your records. Keep track of their activity and use the information for successful marketing and sales campaigns.

Be proactive

Make use of Reservation Engine’s unique solutions and keep your clients happy.

Online payments

Accept online payments (Paypal, Stripe, Payzen, and others through any or all of the available gates and give your clients multiple payment options.


Electronic invoicing

Set electronic invoices to be issued automatically after every successful payment, or issue new invoices manually.



EU (GDPR) compliant

Reservation Engine abides by EU (GDPR) privacy law for your own protection.

Top-level encryption

We use the latest technology in encryption, multiple safety switches and strict rules to ensure the safety of your clients’ data.

Rental Software for all types of rentals.

Whatever your business, we got you covered.

Car rental

Reservation engine helps car & moto rentals offer online bookings, improve their workflow and increase their profits.

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Yacht rental

Reservation engine helps yacht rental companies offer online bookings, organise their resources and improve their workflow.

Bike rental

Reservation engine helps bike rental companies offer online bookings, organise their resources and build an effective presence on the web.

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Appliance rentals

Reservation engine allows appliance rental companies to accept online and offline bookings, as well as build and promote their services.

Bridal rentals

Reservation engine helps bridal shops offer rehearsal slots and bridal rentals for booking online, and organise their business.

Hotel booking

Reservation engine helps hotels offer online bookings and special offers, while manage their workflow and resources more effectively.

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Bed & breakfast

Reservation engine helps bed and breakfasts offer rooms or multiple properties for online booking, while showcasing their services, amenities, etc.

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