Health appointment

Manage your medical appointments, patient history, scheduled
visits and emergencies without stress with our
online appointment scheduling system.

You are in total control of your schedule

Accept bookings online, take emergency patients or set recurring appointments for any period of time. A change of plans? Cancelling or modifying bookings has never been easier!

Your own website
Create services and accept online appointment booking. No coding skills needed, get your website up and running with a few clicks!
Online Appointment Scheduling
See and manage all your appointments, patient consultations and office meetings with our interactive scheduler.
Synchronise with Google Calendar 
Access your calendar over your mobile devices, receive alerts, and never miss another appointment.
Easy cancelations & appointment modification
Give your clients or your patients stress-free cancellations and modifications of their appointments.
Accept online & offline appointments
Add emergencies, walk-ins and telephone appointments on the fly.

Always stay organised

Add notes to your appointments
Add appointment details, client information, legal brief summaries, patient health records, or any other type of reminder to your appointments.
Send and receive booking confirmations, reminders and alerts
end automatic appointment confirmations, follow-ups, and all kinds of notifications, and keep your clients, patients and staff up to date.
Manage your records
Automatically store your clients’ and patients’ appointment details online for your records, but also keep track of their progress and fees received.
Flexible working hours
Not everyone works on a fixed schedule. Organise your online appointment scheduling effectively by entering your own working hours and available time slots.

Be proactive

Make use of Reservation Engine’s unique solutions and keep your patients happy.

EU (GDPR) and US (HIPAA) compliant

Reservation Engine abides by both EU (GDPR) and US (HIPAA) privacy law for your own protection.

Top-level encryption

We use the latest technology in encryption, multiple safety switches and strict rules to ensure the safety of your patients’ data.


Online payments

Accept online payments (Paypal, Stripe, Payzen, and others through any or all of the available gates and give your customers multiple payment options.


Class management software Online appointment scheduling

Suitable for all health professionals

Whatever your area of expertise, we got you covered.


Reservation engine helps physicians accept and arrange their appointments,and stay on top of their busy schedule.

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Reservation engine allows dentists to take appointments of predefined duration and organise their schedule depending on the case.

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Reservation engine helps psychologists arrange their sessions and build an effective presence on the web.

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Reservation engine allows dietitians to accept online and offline appointments, as well as build and promote their services.

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Reservation engine helps physiotherapists accept appointments and arrange their busy schedules seamlessly.

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Occupational therapists

Reservation engine helps occupational therapists take appointments, organise their schedule, and share their knowledge online.

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Clincs & hospitals

Reservation engine helps medical services institutions take take appointments online, organise their timetable and improve their workflow.

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